Try—not only free hair, but a new life

Dear Customer,

Congratulations to you! You have the chance to get a free hair system and share you experience with others. Lordhair team works hard all the time for the research and development of new products. We always try to improve the quality of our products and service in order to meet the needs of more customers.

In order to let more people know us well and benefit from our products and service, Lordhair intends to find some lucky person to try our products for free. Give us a chance, we will provide the best hair products and best service for you. If you want to take part in the activity, you should

- Firstly, create an account on our website. If you haven’t yet, please do it now in this link. Create a Account
- Secondly, send us a recent bareheaded photo without a hair system, but with face exposed.
- Thirdly, provide your basic personal information, including your full name, shipping address, contact number.
-  If you have bought any hair system from other places, hope you can share your experience with us.

If you want to get a free hair system and want to share you experience with others, please send us an email with a recent photo and your basic information listed above. Our email is We will choose five lucky generals to participate in our activity. If you are chosen to try a free hair system, you need to shoot a video and it to us. In the video, we hope the following points will be shown or mentioned.

- How did you know Lordhair and start cooperation with us?
- Show the effect you are wearing our product, especially the front hairline and anything else that you think is great.
-What is your evaluation about Lordhair’s product?
- What do you think about our customer service?
- What is the best impression that Lordhair gives you?
- What improvement do you expect from Lordhair?
- Would you like to recommend Lordhair to other people?

We will put the pictures and video on our website. So attending this free trial activity means you agree us to put your pictures and video on our website and used for legal commercial advertising on other websites(Our company (Lordhair Co., Ltd) reservses the right for final explanation.).

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.
Phone: +86-532-80828255
Skype: lordhair1