Buy your hair risk free

Ordering a factory direct hair system is EASY.
To get started, choose the option that works best for you...


order a duplicate 

If you already wear a hair system and it fits you well, send it in to us and we can duplicate it exactly or make changes. It's up to you!

Sending in your spare hair for duplication is the quickest and easiest way to get started.



 repair a hair

Have a damaged hair system? DON'T THROW HAIR AWAY, Sen to us to get repaired, save thousands of your Dollars!

Hair repair is fast, easy and works for almost any damaged hair piece. Best of all, our $59.00 umbrella fee covers almost all repairs.


 order online

If you don't have an old system or template that can send in to us,  you are also able to place your order by filling your information online.