Tips & Tricks

The following information is offered to help you understand the causes of matting, tangling and hair loss in hair systems and the simple solutions for minimizing/managing these problems.


We recommend that you use a large wide toothed comb or soft 100% boar bristle brush to comb/brush your hair system. By doing this you remove each tangle one at a time and also avoid placing unnecessary tension on the knots.

Comb/brush your hair everyday to prevent tangles. This also helps prolong the life span of your hair system.

Only brush your hair system when it is completely wet or completely dry.

Brushing/Combing should be done carefully to avoid root tension and be sure to only brush the hair from the root upwards.

We recommend that you avoid excessive tugging on the hair system as it will result in hair loss.


Make a couple of big braids in your hair when going to sleep, swimming or exercising. It is important that you untangle your hair prior to braiding.

NEVER sleep on wet hair, your hair must be completely dry before going to sleep as sleeping on wet hair will cause hair to get very matted.

Wavy Hair/Curly Hair:

For this type of hair we recommend you wet the hair every morning with water and Protein Leave-in Detangler.

Do not attempt to achieve curls using any alcohol based products such as mousses, styling gels etc.

Dry Ends:

To prevent hair from dryness, please apply olive oil two to three times a week and also prior to shampooing your hair system.

Olive oil left on the hair overnight on the ends only is very effective at preventing dry ends.

Chlorine and Salt Water:

Chlorine and salt water are known to cause damage to the hair used in systems so on this basis you are strongly advised not to expose your hair system.

Chemical Usage:

You are strongly advised not to chemically treat your hair system as it may result in you causing irreparable damage to your unit.


Shedding of hair is considered normal however some types of hair systems are more prone to shedding hair than other. Curly and longer hair systems typically shed more hair than shorter hair systems.

Slippage/Lifting of hair system:

During the life span of your attachment it is crucial that you constantly apply firm pressure (especially after showering, bathing) on the attachment site to help the attachment stay firmly attached to the scalp area.

Matting of hair:

Each morning lean your head forwards and use a soft brush/wide toothed comb and gently brush/comb your hair starting at the ends of the hair and working your way up to the root area.

The following factors can cause Premature and Excessive Hair Loss:

Excessive Combing or Brushing: 

This will ultimately break off hair and cause premature thinning of the hair system.

Unattended Matting And Tangling: 
Left uncorrected, excessive matting and tangling that is then removed forcefully will tighten the matted hair and tear out the hair


From pillows or overly aggressive shampooing will break off the hair and thin and tear out the hair.


Conditioners remaining in the root area/base of the hair system: 
Probably the single largest factor creating major, ongoing hair loss. Conditioners that are allowed to be absorbed onto the base and gather around the root system will ultimately prevent the root system from pivoting 360 degrees allowing for hair loss in your hair replacement. Conditioners must be rinsed out completely to avoid the breakage of the root system.


The following factors can cause Premature and Excessive Matting and Tangling:

  • Friction: 
    This is caused from the hair rubbing on the pillow at night and constant friction damages the hair by opening up the cuticle. Therefore we strongly recommend that you use a silk or satin pillow case or headscarf to avoid the friction of cotton pillowcases.  

  • Excessively Hot or Cold Water: 
    Always use tepid water when washing your hair system.

  • Chlorinated Water: 
    Mostly found in swimming pools. Chlorinated water is extremely alkaline and not only bleaches out the colour but also opens up the cuticle layer of the hair shaft increasing the chances of tangling. If you must go swimming in chlorinated water we strongly advise you to immediately rinse your hair system when leaving the pool, then gently shampoo and condition with recommended products

  • Alcohol: 
    Found products such as hairsprays. Products containing a lot of alcohol can be very drying and over time will open up the cuticle layer, increasing the chances of tangling.

  • Permanent Hair Colours: 
    These products which use peroxide as a penetrating agent which swells up the hair shaft causing the cuticle layer to open and stay open. If you must colour your hair system we recommend that you use semi permanent colours as these products use little or no peroxide.

  • Over Conditioning: 
    Although you may believe you are helping to eliminate matting by using large quantities of conditioner the reality is that too much conditioner can swell the hair causing the cuticle layer to remain open. Therefore we recommend that in order to avoid using too much conditioner apply it onto your palms and fingertips first, then apply it to your hair system making sure that you're keeping the conditioner away from the root/base area of your hair system. Then rinse the conditioner out thoroughly.

If tangling from excessive friction occurs, comb it out immediately and gently with our rotating tooth comb, using a small amount of our Detangler or conditioner