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What repair service covers?

1. Professional Cleaning

Removes glue and other residue from base.

2. Mending base tears

If you have PU base, we will brush on a new layer of PU.

3. Lace front change

Edges fray over time, replacement achieves a more natural look.

4. Hair refill

Loose hairs are removed and replaced will new hair that is color and density matched.


We cannot replace all the hair on the system. We replace loose hair with new hair. However, over time old hair will continue to loosen and shed.


While repair prolongs hair system lifespan, it is a short term solution. The only long term solution is to buy a new hair system.


How to Order a Repair

1. Please complete the online repair order form.

Chooose the drop-down selections on the online form, need only 5 clicks, when you complete the online order form, our customer service member will send you an email with the following information enclosed:

1) Factory address

A PDF file showing you our mailing address, you can print it out and paste it onto the outside of the package, then post out.

2) Customs Deceleration document

You must attach a "CN22 Customs Declaration" to the front of your package. This will smooth the customs clearance, otherwise, there will have possibility the package will be held at customs.


2. Then send your hair piece along with the repair form to the address listed on the bottom of the form, as soon as we received your hair system, we will put it to repair process. If any questions, we will get in touch with you for the questions.

3. That’s it!  4-6 weeks later, you will be receiving a well repaired hair system delivered to your door.

Lordhair can repair any systems, and even systems you bought from other suppliers, just send them in.

repair servicerepair service2

These are some of our repair orders, no matter the skin or a lace base material, after the hair refilled in, the unit get back a brand new looking, the color was well matched, and density was increased carefully, you got a new system!


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Great serviceReview by Adam
Product Rating
I cannot thank you enough for the very personalized service you have given us. It's hard to find these days, we appreciate it!!! (Posted on 21.01.2014)
Good work.Review by David
Product Rating
Good work. (Posted on 07.04.2012)

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