Custom Order Price List

The price of a custom made hair system depends on the starting price & upgrade price.

The starting price is marked clearly on the product page, usually €289, €329, €339, €369, etc. The starting price is based on a regular base size no bigger than 8”x 10”, medium heavy or lighter density, 6” or shorter Indian/Chinese/synthetic hair, no human grey hair and regular production time, etc.

The upgrade price is the extra cost for upgrading your hair system, like a longer hair length, extra heavy density, best quality hair, rush service, etc. Below is the detailed upgrade price list.


Upgrade Item

Price (USD)

Base size<4”x4”(16 square inches)


8"x10"(80 square inches)<Base size<10"x10"(100 square inches)


Base size≥10"x10"(100 square inches)


Hair length 8”


Hair length 10”


Hair length 12”


Hair length 14”


Hair length 16”


Hair length 18”


Hair length 20”


Medium Heavy density


Remy/Virgin hair <14"


Remy/Virgin hair ≥14"


European Hair


Human grey hair


Bleach knots for all over


Rush service


Haircut service



Let’s take product S7 as an example. Its starting price is €289. If you order it with base size 7”x9”, 6” long Indian human hair, medium light density, bleach knots 1” in the front hairline, the price is €289. If you would like to try Remy hair, the price is €375.7 (€289+€289 x 30%). If you order Remy hair and rush service, the price is €434.7 (€289+€289 x 30%+€59).

Some other special requirements not mentioned here may need extra cost. If you have any question about pricing, please feel free to let us know.

If you order two of the exact same hair systems in one order, you will enjoy a discount. The discount depends on the quantity you order. For detailed information, please consult our customer service team