Das zu Ihnen passende Haarsystem

Ihr neues Haarsystem sollte Ihrem natürlichem Aussehen angepasst werden. Zu dichtes Haar oder einen zu tiefen Stirnansatz wirkt schnell unnatürlich. Beachten Sie folgende Angaben:

Haardichte Zu dichtes Haar wirkt unnatürlich. Wählen Sie eine Haardichte, die zu Ihnen passt. Die Vorstellung, eine Bestellung mit hoher Haardichte kann von Ihnen nachbearbeitet werden, ist nicht immer möglich. Die Haare nachträglich aus der Basis zu entfernen, beschädigt das Haarsystem.

Die richtige Haardichte für Ihr neues Haarsystem

Die richtige Haarlinie Passen Sie Ihr neues Haarsystem an Ihre natürliche Haarlinie an. Gerade im Frontbereich, an der Stirn sollte die neue Haarlinie der Form Ihrer natürlichen Haarlinie angepasst sein. In unserem Bestellformular finden Sie die für Sie passende Linie.

Haar Frontkontur

Die richtige Position In der Regel beginnt der natürliche Haaransatz 3-4 Finger über den gehobenen Augenbrauen. Vermeiden Sie ein zu tief gesetzten Haaransatz um ein natürlich wirkendes Aussehen zu behalten.

Die richtige Position Ihres Toupets

Do you know what the most common ordering mistakes are for hair wearers today? We do, and we'll show you how to avoid them.

We all want the most natural, undetectable appearance possible from our hair system. Unfortunately, many hair wearers misjudge their density level, hairline recession and/or placement of the unit.

These are common mistakes that can be easily avoided. Here's how...

Order improper density

 order improper density

Many hair wearers will order too high a density for their hair system thinking it can be thinned out later. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

Thinning out the density from a hair system will leave tiny stubble on the base which creates an unnatural, rough feel when you run your fingers through the hair. Instead, it's best to err on the side of a lighter density.

Ordering too little hairline recession

order not enough hairline recession

Having a disproportionate frontal hairline recession (for your age and hair style) is a common indication that you might be wearing a hairpiece.

Determining the proper recession for your hair system is a matter of following the line/pattern of where your padded facial tissue ends and your less-padded cranial tissue begins.

Finding your facial and cranial tissue is easy... Next time your hair system is off, begin by raising your eyebrows, as if your eyes are wide open. Next, closely examine the upper part of your forehead in a mirror.

It's easy to discern facial tissue from cranial tissue because you should be able to see and feel a difference in the amount of padding. Facial tissue is better padded than cranial, which has very little padding.

Placing the system in the improper position

Place the system in the improper position

This is very important. Always remember the rule 3-4 fingers above your eyebrows. Hair systems have improved so much over the last few years that natural looking hairlines are easily achieved. A natural looking hairline should begin where your natural hairline begins. You should never place the front of the hair system on your frown line, that is far too low. Hair doesn't grow naturally from there. Look in a mirror and feel your head. Visually your fingers show if they’re on your forehead or at the front of your scalp. In summary, the hairline is 3-4 fingers from your eyebrow and NOT on your frown lines.