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Wenn Sie diese Optionen auswählen, können Sie ein einzigartiges Haarsystem anpassen, das Ihnen am besten passt.

Lordhair is a factory direct manufacturer, our goal is to enable everyone to order a custom made hair replacement online with confidence and ease. Custom orders require detailed specifications like base size, hair color, hair length, density, curl, hair type, hair direction etc. The more detailed information customers can provide, the easier it is for us to begin production and the happier customers will be with their hair system.

Lordhair’s online form is easy to use for making choices and entering information. Simply select the suitable drop down options or fill in the data then save. As soon as all your options selected, submit the order. We will then quickly process your order before beginning production. If there are any outstanding questions, our customer service members will be in touch with you to resolve any problem.


We have tried our best to display all our options in pictures to make choosing easier for you. If you have any other questions please send us an email and we will respond to you as soon as we can.